Upcoming Lectures & Conferences

March 23, 2018   University of Texas, El Paso - Department of Chemistry Seminar. The Periodic Table, Its Story and Its Significance.

March 24, 2018   University of Texas, El Paso - Department of Philosophy Seminar. Round-table on diversity in science.

July 16-18, 2018   University of Bristol, U.K. - International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry, 22nd annual meeting. Do we need to invoke causation in chemistry?

July 19, 2018   University of York - Seminar to Chemical Education Group

September 14, 2018   Southern California Mineralogical Society, Pasadena, CA - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science.

Summer, 2019   Tartu, Estonia - Invited plenary lecture at memorial for the late Rein Vihallem (date to be announced).

January 13-19, 2019   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - XXXVII ENEQUI, Chemical Education Conference.

July, 2019   St. Petersburg, Russia - International Conference to Celebrate the UNESCO Year of the Periodic Table (date to be announced).

University of California Irvine - Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science (date to be announced).