2003 International Conference
on the Periodic Table,
Banff, Canada

Photograph of participants at International Conference on the Periodic Table, titled, The Periodic Table into the 21st Century, Banff, Canada, 14-20, July, 2003. This was only the second major international conference to be held on the Periodic Table. The first was in the Vatican in 1969, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mendeleev's periodic system. The proceedings of the Banff meeting are published as a book, The Periodic Table, Into the 21st Century, eds., D.H. Rouvray, R.B. King, Research Studies Press, Baldock, U.K., 2004.

Participants from left to right:
Back row: P. Pyykko, P.J. Karol, M. Cox, G.W. Rayner Canham,
Middle row: D. Bonchev, V. Pichko, P. Mezey, S. Elk, J.R. Dias, R.B. King, A. Boldryev, O. Novaro, K. Balasubramanian, D. Klein, D. Klein, V.N. Ovstrovsky, M.D. Gordin, D.H. Rouvray,
Front row: F. Dufour, M. Kaji, M. Laing, R. Hefferlin, E.R. Scerri, M.R. Kibler, G. Restrepo, S. Hawkes.

(Photo taken by the participant M. Kaji)