Scerri's Picks

Academic Journals
Foundations of Chemistry (founder and editor-in-chief Eric Scerri)
AMBIX - Journal for the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry
The British Journal for the History of Science
The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Bulletin for the History of Chemistry
The Chemical Educator
Journal of Chemical Education
Education in Chemistry
HYLE International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Journals on History and Philosophy of Science, Department of Logic, Eötvös University, Budapest
Philosophy of Science
Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science

Scientific and Philosophical Societies
Royal Society of Chemistry
American Chemical Society
International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry
The Philosophy of Science Association
Chemical Heritage Foundation

Science & Philosophy Documentaries
Scientific Odyssey
NOVA Program "Hunting the Elements" with David Pogue (Eric Scerri was a consultant for this program)
Chemistry. A Volatile History (Eric Scerri was a consultant for this series)
Top Documentary Films, Watch Free Documentaries Online
BBC Radio 4, In Our Time Series
Nova, Science Now
BBC Horizon, Science and Nature
Philosophy TV
King's College, London, Philosophy Podcasts
Atoms: Clash of the Titans (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Chemistry History & Philosophy
Carmen Giunta's Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
ChemTeam's Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry (and Some Physics Too)
David Katz's History of Chemistry Website
Eugene Babaev's Dmitriy Mendeleev Online
Peter van der Krogt's Elementymology
IYC Postage Stamp Central

Chemistry Writers
David Bradley's Sciencebase Blog
Sam Kean, author of The Disappearing Spoon
Hugh Aldersey-Williams, author of Periodic Tales
John Emsley, author of Nature's Building Blocks

Periodic Table & The Elements
Brian Gregory's Quantum Fold Periodic Table
David Black's The Elements Unearthed
Jose Alejandro Barreto Soldano's Periodic Table with Names
Chemical & Engineering News Special Issue on the Elements (article on Hf by Eric Scerri)
Chemistry World's Chemistry in its Element (six elements are presented by Eric Scerri: Hf, Re, Pa, Lr, Bk, and Bh)
Mark Leach's Database of Periodic Tables
Google Periodic Table Pics
Theodore Gray's Periodic Table
Philip Stewart's Chemical Galaxy
Mark Winter's Webelements
Roy Alexander's All Periodic Tables
Martin Poliakoff, Periodic table of Videos
Michael Dayah's Dynamic Periodic Table
Yinon Bentor's Chemical Elements