June 5th   History of Science Seminar, UCLA - A Tale of Seven Scientists Lecture

June 29th   University of Paris, Diderot - Seminar Series on History and Philosophy of Chemistry, Classification périodique des d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences

July 3rd–5th   SPHERE Center, University of Paris Diderot - International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry 21st Annual Meeting

July 6th   University of Turin, Italy - Start of one-month fellowship

July 7th   University of Malta - Public Lecture at University of Malta, Chemistry Department

July 12th-15th   Turin, Italy - Lecture to Segrè Summer School of Chemical Education

July 20th   Royal Institute of Great Britain - The Periodic Table, Its Story and Its Significance

October 20th   University of Kansas, Lawrence - Plenary Lecture to Midwest Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society

November 11th   Charlotte, North Carolina - Plenary Lecture to Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society


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